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Location: Ocean Reef Club – Key Largo, FL. An exclusive resort one hour distant from any theatrical, electrical and stage supplies. Very limited shopping and dining opportunities on site. Money is only accepted in a few establishments on the premises.

Load In and Out: Stage right, thru dual stage door. There are no ramps and no loading dock. Straight shot from parking lot pavement to stage floor with no incline. Stage door dimensions: 7’11”H x 7’11”W.

Theatre Size: 300 seats, 12 rows deep, 20 to 28 seats wide, inclined from below stage level to above. An isle at stage level separates rows 6 and 7. Rear of house to main curtain – 67’.
House left to house right – 66’.
Average ceiling height – 20’.

Stage Dimensions: Usable dimensions: 36’ wide x 25’ deep, 19.5’ from main curtain to US wall. Trim height to borders – 14’.

Theatrical Lighting System: Strand520i with remote, 192 dimmer channels, 85-Strand ellipsoidals various degrees, 20-ETC source 4 pars, 12-6”Fresnels, 5-4 color Altman cyc lights, 2 Lycian spots. 3 electrics on winches, 1 FOH pipe dead hung, 4 FOH ladders dead hung. House lights separate from theatrical lighting, run from SL, SR, or control booth. DMX nodes SL< SR< House Center, Control Booth. Standard gel and pattern selection.

Sound System: 40 channel A&H GL3300 console, Crown amps, 24 lines available from stage, 40 X 8 Whirlwind split snake stage left. House left, right, and center cluster are SPL Runt with TD1 Sub, 4 JBL passive monitors. 1 each CD, Cassette, Minidisc, SPX 990, TC M1. 31 band EQ’s on each zone and monitor outputs. Standard mic selection. Variable house acoustics. 70.7v distributed system.

A/V: Barco projector, 35mm film projector with Dolby surround. All in control booth. 5 wire returns stage left and stage right.

Dressing Rooms: Two (2), 17’W x 11’D x 10’H. Each has shower, water cooler, sink, full mirrors with lighting, clothes racks, 120v power, phone jacks, Com, but no toilet. Bathrooms are between both dressing rooms.

Equipment: 1 Genie lift, 12’ ladder, 8’ ladder, rolling scaffold- 6’ height. Podium, Marley. 6 booms and bases. Various stage tools. Handtruck.

Communication: ClearCom 2 channel system. 4 stations in control booth. 4 Stations on stage. 1 each DSR,USR, DSL,USL. One station in house center. One station in each dressing room. 8 beltpacks and headsets are available.

Goods: The stage is essentially dead hung. All borders and legs are dead hung with the following exceptions: 2 center stage legs are on walk along runners. The legs in the wings (blackouts) are on walk along runners. The black scrim is on a walk along runner. There is a traveler for both the main curtain and the mid stage curtain. The pulleys are stage right. A movie screen serves as the white cyclorama; it lives all the way up stage along the backstage wall behind the black scrim. It cannot be removed due to its size.

Rigging: With the exception of the 3 electrics on winches, all available pipes are dead hung. Use of the electrics for rigging is not encouraged. Some structural steel is accessible in the space above the borders.

Storage: Space in the wings is limited and there is no backstage area to speak of except for the hallway/walkthrough connecting the dressing rooms. A small shed with limited storage is available outside the stage right entrance; however, the path between the door and the shed is exposed to the elements.

Phone: In main control booth. There are phone lines available in each dressing room.

Stage Dimensions: 36’ wide between proscenium. 50’ wide SL to SR. Wings are 10.5’ deep. From curtain to upstage wall is 19.5’. Apron tapers from 11’ to 6’. CL to SL & SR. Stage is 29.5’ deep from the center apron to DS to back wall US.

House Dimensions: Roughly 67’ from the curtain to the back wall. 66’ house left to house right.
20’ average height.


Consoles: Allen & Heath GL 3300 – 40 channel console in booth.
40 x 8 Whirlwind split downstage left. Mackie 32x4 available for remote use.

Speakers: Sound Physics ‘Runt” and TD1 Subs. 1 each house left and right. 1 center cluster speaker addressing primarily the first 6 rows. Rane 31 band EQ on each zone.

Monitors: 6 JBL passive monitors. Each on separate Rane 31 band EQ. Monitors are run from FOH.

House Rack: 1 Dual CD player, 1 Dual cassette deck, 1 additional stereo 31 band Rane EQ. 1 SPX 990. Crown 2400 amps drive mains, 1200’s Drive monitors.

Microphones: 4 SM 58’s, 4 SM 57’s, 2 SM87’s, 2 SM81’s. 2 wireless handheld
SM 58’s, 2 wireless handheld SM87’s. 4 wireless lavaliers.

Mic stands: 10 straight, 5 boom. 24 mic cables.

Electrical: A 3 phase 150A stage disconnect is available on stage right for Touring systems.


Console: Strand 520i, with wired remote. 2 configurable computer monitors.

Dimming: Strand, 192 2.4k dimmers.

DMX: Nodes are available SR, SL, house center along rear wall, and in The booth.

Electrics: 3 electrics on winches with 30 circuits on each pipe. See diagram.
36 circuits on 1 FOH pipe. 4 House ladders, 2 house left, 2 house right. 8 circuits on each ladder.
4 onstage groups of 8 circuits each. 1 each DSL, DSR, USL, USR.

Note: FOH focus requires a special scaffold and ladder Combination, straddling rows on different levels.
Allow more time than usual for FOH focus.

Instruments: Ellipsoids 20-Strand 19 degrees

28-Strand 26 degrees
22-Strand 36 degrees
10-Strand 50 degrees
Fresnels 12-Altman 1K 6”
Pars 20-ETC Source 4
CYC 5-4 cell, 4 color 1K Altman
Spots 2-Lycian 1200 HMI


6 – 50 lb. Bases
6 – 12’ boom pipes
16 – stage pin male to stage pin female extensions, various lengths.
4 – Edison extension cables, 25’ each
30 – Ellipsoid pattern holders
12 – metal doughnuts
12 – Top Hats
12 – Barn Doors
12 – Zooms


Various gels and gel colors. Various breakups and patterns.

Note: There are NO locally available theatrical supply houses within
50 miles of Ocean Reef. Plan accordingly.

House Lights: House lights are separately implemented from the theatrical Lighting system. There are control nodes on SL, SR, HL, and in the control booth. All programming however, must be performed on the main control panel in the control booth. The main panel is adjacent to the lighting console. Work lights are accessible on SL, SR, and in the booth. See diagram. Running lights are accessible on SL, SR, and in the booth. See diagram.

Main Contact: John W. Hunt
President/Executive Director
Ocean Reef Cultural Center
200 Anchor Drive
Key Largo, FL 33037